Forgotten man

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2018. február 07. 19:26 - Forgotten man

Breathtaking story in the heart of Washington, at Anacostia Art Centers. 

Convenvergence Theaters new production is a heart to heart play about pure and true love.  The short story is “Lauren, a recent college grad, moves back in with her parents while she looks for a job. However the behavioral aggression of Noah, Lauren's adult brother with autism, is severely increasing. Lauren struggles between her desire to move away and the urgent need to help her family in a time of crisis.”

Olivia Hallers’s story helps the audience understand the depths and heights autism can brings in a family life. How long can an unqualified but loving person help on someone in needs? Does a mother resign from her child if she puts him in a special need boarding residential or she might save his life? How can a teenager - later a young adult - deal with the fact she has a brother whom she never had as a supporting sibling? Is the sister malicious if she can’t take part on Noahs attendance? Straight and hard questions what people usually try to avoid in their life.

Elena Velascos directing breaks with the tradition and bent on to get on the bottom of the story. We can clearly see the struggling of the mother, the disintegrating family. How Lauren torture herself if she loves or hates her brother. How her life messes up meeting to the first love and how she almost screws up her life.

There is no happy end and solution at the end, just the sureness pure love can move mountains.


Fabiolla De Silva as Lauren

Taunya Ferguson as Lou

Anette Wasni as Sherry

David Walsh as Cal

Alexandre Oge as Gabriel

 Raven WIlkes as Amy

Productional Personnel

Playwright Olivi Haller

Director Elena Velasco

Costume Designer Madeline Belknap

Set Dedigner Convergence Collective

Sound Designer Convergence Collective

Movement for plays Eleba Velasco

Lighting Director Philip da Costa

Projections/ Media Designer Philip da Costa

Stage Manager Laura Schlastmeyer




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